Middle Niobrara Natural Resources District

The Natural Resources District, NRD, is a unique system built to conserve, sustain, and improve natural resources and the environment.  In 1972, NRD’s were developed per watershed basins, instead of by political boundaries.  This system provided a more efficient management strategy, solving the issues of overlapping authorities and lack of funds.  Each District is governed by a locally elected Board of Directors, which ensures that local issues and concerns are addressed.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are dictated from 6 sub districts plus one member at large.  Every two years different sub districts hold an election, leading to a director carrying a term for four years.  This year, 2017, Wade Andrews did not file, the new elected Director of District No. 1 is Mark Johnson.

Sub districts are divided based on population for proper representation; to be considered a person must be a registered voter, submit a letter of desire, and reside in the sub district needing appointment.  Monthly meetings are held to sufficiently discuss and manage resources.  Current Board of Directors ---->

303 E Hwy 20
Valentine, NE 69201


Phone: 402-376-3241    or    1-800-891-7645

Fax:   402-376-1040

Email: mnnrd@mnnrd.org

Office hours: 

Monday   8-12, 1-5  

Tuesday   8-12, 1-5

Wednesday   8-12, 1-5

Thursday   8-12, 1-5

Friday   8-12, 1-5


The Middle Niobrara Natural Resources District will hold their regular Board of Directors Meeting on Monday, April 9th, 2018 at 3:00 p.m.  The meeting will be held at the Middle Niobrara NRD office.

Individuals with disabilities may request auxiliary aids and service necessary for participation, contact the MNNRD office.  Agenda kept current at MNNRD office.

Sub District #1 - Mark Johnson


Sub District #2 - Justin Hammond


Sub District #3 - Leonard Danielski


Sub District #4 - Cherryl Lovejoy, Treasurer


Sub District #5 - Greg Wilke, Vice Chairman


Sub District #6 - Marty Graff, Chairman


At Large - Dean Jochem


Get Directions To:
303 E Hwy 20
Valentine Ne 69201


General Manager - Mike Murphy


Assistant Office Manager - Zac Peterson


Water Programs Supervisor - Tim Storm



Administrative Assistant - Faith Stroup



Lead Natural Resource Technician - Travis Connot


Lead Natural Resource Technician - Dana Krueger


Natural Resource Technician - Jackie Moreland



Water Resource Technician - Samuel Wilton